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Water Kefir

Our water kefir is handcrafted in small batches to maintain quality standards.

We use organically sourced ingredients. This ensures our cultures are happy and healthy so they have the ability to colonize your gut with maximum potential.



Water Kefir is a raw, unpasteurized fermented drink.  It is a naturally carbonated alternative to those high-sugar, additive-packed fizzy drinks and sodas that are marketed to us so successfully.  And unlike the ‘sugar-free’ drinks which are offered as the healthier option, but contain a synthetic sugar substitute, our Water Kefir utilizes raw organic sugar.  The sugar is metabolised by the beneficial bacteria and yeasts present in Kefir Grains during the fermentation process resulting in little sugar being left in the drink.  This natural activity provides beneficial micro-organisms, B vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Water Kefir shares a similar process to the making of Kombucha, though that is a fermented beverage made from green or black tea, which is not used in water kefir.  Each rely on a natural SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) for fermentation but Water Kefir contains neither caffeine which is an unwelcome stimulant for some people, nor vinegar flavour.  A basic Water Kefir is made by combining a Kefir Grain culture , sugar and water.  It produces a pleasant-tasting drink, similar to a fizzy, light lemonade.  It requires experience, skill, and instincts to produce delicious Water Kefirs.  Ours is a modern interpretation of traditions. INNER LOVE Water Kefir appeals to children of all ages.  



Water Kefir is far from being a new invention.  It is a traditional fermented drink that has been enjoyed in many countries for generations.  It is made from ‘Kefir Grains’, which are actually living organisms and not grains (the word ‘grain’ refers to the look of the culture).  The origin of Water Kefir Grains is unknown as little was written down on the subject but they go under various names around the world – Tibicos, Japanese Water Crystals, Vinegar Bees etc - but there is documentary evidence from the late 19th century of Tibicos, being used in fermented drinks in Mexico; of Japanese Water Crystals being used to ferment drinks for generations in Japan; and of Water Kefir Grains being highly valued in Georgia and the Caucasus regions for hundreds of years.  Kefir grains have been passed around between populations in much the same way as natural bread ‘mother’ starters have been, and continue to be, distributed. 



Scientific research is taking place into understanding the importance of the human gut microbiota and microbiome.  The sterility of processed food, thanks to pasteurisation, anti-bacterial products, antibiotics and lack of fibre in our Western diets are thought to be contributing to the depletion of the gut’s biodiversity.  Scientists are working on the theory that disorders in our internal ecosystem “may predispose us to obesity and a whole range of chronic diseases, as well as some infections”.  Research continues but it is known that diet is one of the main influences on the human gut microbiota and that good food-ingested bacteria can be found in large numbers in fermented foods.

Our Water Kefirs are:

  • A live culture - over 120 million probiotic cultures per 1ml of drink

  • Low in sugar

  • Have B Vitamins, minerals and enzymes

  • Hydrating & Energising  

  • Fantastic cocktail mixer - enjoy over ice!



Water kefir is alive, so sweetness and fizziness will vary. 

Always keep your bottle in a refrigerator and refrigerate within 3 hours of buying it.  If you do not refrigerate it the drink will continue to ferment and the taste will change and develop a very different taste to what is intended.  

DO NOT SHAKE the bottle or the drink might froth and overflow when you release the cap.

Our Water Kefirs are fermented in glass vessels only, are fed on organic cane sugar and flavoured with only the highest quality juices, herbs, etc.

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