Get Juiced was established at the kitchen table by Stefanie Jasper while making ginger candy in February 2015. Stefanie's desire to optimize her and her family's potential for a healthy body and mind and active lifestyle motivated her to create snacks that are flavorful and packed with nutrition.

She enjoys experimenting while cooking, for example, combining ancient practices of preserving by fermenting with modern tastes. Her products are hand made with the finest ingredients, always focused on creating unique flavor experiences. Stefanie was joined by Bob Whitescarver to help create an extensive line of fermented vegetables and cold pressed juices.

They hope to bolster both the Sussex County, NJ, food scene and local economy. Their priority is people's health by utilizing local produce, as much as possible, grown organically in nutrient rich soil, using non-toxic preparation and packaging, and minimizing their footprint. Lucy, Stefanie's daughter, recently joined the business. She is currently a part time student at culinary school. She enjoys creating new taste experiences always with nutrition in mind.

Real Food

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