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Organic Cafe
in Vernon, NJ

Delicious Prepared Foods & Take-Out

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EAt hEALTHY & gut-friendly!

INNER LOVE is a an organic restaurant/cafe, health food store, teaching kitchen offering quick bites from our menu and packaged foods---to go or to stay! Eat well! 

Meet Mickey B, a happy gut microbe who teaches the importance of eating ferments for gut health and immune system support!

Feel the difference! Eat our in-house home made ferments. Specializing in tasty fermented foods, we infuse many of our dishes with home-made Kimchi, Kraut, and Veggies!------Sprouted Brown Rice Bowls, Burritos, Soups, Bone Broth, Salads, Specialty Drinks, Grab n' Go Packaged Foods, and more! 


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